Zombie Peepshow specialise in creating intricate shoe art and costume wear. Their passions and influences are found in horror, goth, punk, and kawaii culture. Zombie Peepshow is a four-woman show where everything is made by hand, and nothing is mass-produced!

The Quirky shops team have fallen in love with the shoes created by Zombie Peepshow. They have everything covered for you from high heels & platforms to flats & boots and all lovingly created with their very own artistic and creative flare. On your next big night out, it’s very unlikely you will bump into someone else who looks anywhere near as special as you will in your very own Zombie Peeps!

Even better, if you have your own vision/theme in mind, Zombie Peepshow will happily collaborate with you on a special piece.

Prices are very reasonable indeed and they ship internationally so thankfully we can all grab a piece of the action!

Check our Zombie Peepshow today…