Disclosure – Quirky Shops

The Quirky Shops team would like to inform you that our website sometimes makes use of affiliate marketing/advertising programs. Affiliate programs are a means for websites such as ours to receive a commission payment when a visitor clicks through to another website and then goes on to make a purchase from them.

Please rest assured that when clicking any such affiliate links on the Quirky Shops website, the cost of any product or item you purchase on the destination website is NOT increased in anyway.

In summary, we may earn a small commission paid directly from the affiliate program provider should you purchase any products from the participating destination website.

These payments help us to keep Quirky Shops fresh and interesting for our visitors, and also help to cover the costs of running the website such as hosting fees, development, improvements etc. They also help us ensure that our featured shops, content and articles are of the highest quality and relevance therefore ensuring visitor satisfaction.

We promise that we only feature websites offering us commission payments when we believe that you will benefit from visiting them and that they provide products/content that you will enjoy and are in keeping with the theme of the Quirky Shops brand.

Should you have any further questions or an enquiry regarding the above disclosure statement, please do not hesitate to get in touch via our Contact Us page.