Advertising on Quirky Shops

Thank you for your interest in advertising on Quirky Shops.

FREE for one month!

We offer first time customers the chance to advertise for FREE for one month. This will allow you to judge whether you will benefit from being included on Quirky Shops for a longer term. You are very likely to see an increase in traffic and therefore associated new customers/sales as well as the potential for improved search engine rankings for many ‘quirky’ and associated keyword phrases. The free month gives you the chance to judge for yourself and let’s face it, you have absolutely nothing to lose!

After your free month of advertising has expired, the following charges are applicable if you wish to continue to advertise on Quirky Shops.

Standard Listing Fees – your shop added to one category of your choice

To include a shop under one category (for example: women’s clothing OR men’s shoes OR home furniture etc.)

3 months = £30

6 months = £50

12 months = £90

Enhanced Listing – your shop added to two or more categories of your choice

To include a shop under multiple categories (for example: women’s clothing AND men’s clothing AND women’s accessories…)

Standard listing fee above plus the following fees for each extra category:

3 months = £7

6 months = £12

12 months = £22

For example, if you choose to be listed under 2 categories and wish to advertise for 6 months, the fee would be £50 + £12 = £62.

Listing your shop under 4 categories for 12 months would work out at £90 + £22 + £22 + £22 = £156

Additional Information on our advertising service

Please note that each shop listing consists of a feature sample image relating to your shop, along with 6 to 8 gallery images of products from your shop.  There is also a multi-paragraph description about the shop. Both of these can be chosen by you at the time of advertising or can be selected by the Quirky Shops team if you would prefer that we did so.

We allow advertisers to request a change to the text and/or images while the listing is live. This is useful for those shops that have regularly changing stock due to trends and seasons. We allow you to request a change in this manner once for each 3 month term of advertising. Simply let us know details of the new image and/or text you would like us to use and we will arrange to make the appropriate changes asap.

There is no contract involved and therefore you are free to stay on Quirky Shops for as long as suits. You are free to leave at any point. However, please note that once a shop has been put live and payment has been received to cover a term of advertising, we are unable to provide any refund should you wish to leave before the term is up.

We currently accept payment via our PayPal address or directly to our bank account, details of which will be provided when you go ahead. All fees listed are in UK pound sterling (GBP).

Why advertise on Quirky Shops?

Quirky Shops is a human edited directory of online shopping sites that offer quirky and unusual items for visitors to purchase. Being human edited ensures that the shops are relevant and that people wishing to find quirky things are put in touch with some of the best sites around the world. This keeps our visitors coming back for more!

Our advertising costs are very reasonable when compared to other advertising channels. We rank very high for a number of searches in google containing the ‘quirky’ keyword. Check them out yourself, e.g. quirky womens clothing, quirky shops, quirky mens clothes… Since going live, Quirky Shops has continued to show growth in terms of visitors and content and is set to grow rapidly over the coming months/years.

OK, I am ready now, how do I go ahead and get my shop listed?

Simply complete our Suggest Your Shop form to get the ball rolling.

I have a different advertising requirement!

If you have a query regarding other advertising options on Quirky Shops please use our contact form to provide us with your requirements and we will get back to you asap.