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Here you will find jewellery shops to satisfy the quirkiest of needs. Most of our shops sell a wide range of unusual jewellery including funky, kitsch, cute, kawaii, vintage, quirky and many more unique styles.

You are sure to find some jewellery matching your image in these amazing shops.

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Sundaze Jewellery – Consciously Crafted Earrings

Visit Sundaze Jewellery. Sundaze Jewellery make consciously crafted polymer clay earring. All lovingly handmade by Kellie in England. Kellie explains that she is inspired by earthy tones, aztec shapes and her love for the ocean. Each and every piece of Sundaze jewellery is completely unique, made fully by hand and holds a piece of her love for the natural world. She believes in living a sustainable life not only physically but [...]

Little Moose – Playful Quirky Jewellery

Visit Little Moose. Little Moose is a cute online boutique which sells jewellery, accessories and bags. Please don't expect the norm when shopping at little moose. Here you will find little monster brooches, handmade plush toys, Kooky purses and many other products featuring cute or quirky characters of some kind. Come along to little moose and find yourself something to make you smile while also making you stand out from the [...]

Hannah Zakari – Unique Jewellery & Gifts

Visit Hannah Zakari. Hannah Zakari is an independent boutique specialising in items which are designed or handmade by indie designers with an emphasis on cute, quirky and unusual designs. They mainly focus on jewellery, art and stationary products but they also have a nice range of accessories all in a unique and beautiful style. There really is something for every girl here. Whether your preference is for vintage, quirky, retro, animals, [...]

Jelly Button Jewellery – Cute and Quirky

Visit Jelly Button Jewellery. Ever fancied wearing your favourite food as jewellery? Jelly Button can make that dream come true! Jelly Button jewellery is a shop like no other. Come and join the biggest picnic ever with necklaces, bracelets, rings, charms, earrings and much more. We British like a fry-up, so how about wearing a full english breakfast on your finger! But its not all food, they have a beautiful range [...]

Sour Cherry – Handmade Jewellery

Visit Sour Cherry. Sour Cherry is a Manchester based fashion boutique selling quirky and handmade jewellery in many fun styles. They have jewellery to satisfy the quirkiest of needs! Certainly more sweet than sour! Visit Sour Cherry today. Visit Sour Cherry

Love from Hetty & Dave – Handcrafted Jewellery

Visit Love from Hetty & Dave. Love from Hetty and Dave sell unique jewellery and accessories in handcrafted leather. All carefully stitched and made in England. Not only do they stock amazing handmade jewellery but they also sell cute bags, shoes and accessories as well as animal draught excluders for those chilly nights at home. So if you feel a draught, buy a slug to keep you cosy! [...]