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Here you will find jewellery shops to satisfy the quirkiest of needs. Most of our shops sell a wide range of unusual jewellery including funky, kitsch, cute, kawaii, vintage, quirky and many more unique styles.

You are sure to find some jewellery matching your image in these amazing shops.

Little Moose colonel bear doodllery brooch image

Little Moose

Little Moose is a cute online boutique which sells bags, gifts, jewellery, accessories, stationary and lots more.

Please don't expect the norm when shopping at little moose. Here you will find little doodllery monster brooches, handmade plush toys, moomin comic purses and many other products featuring cute or quirky characters of some kind.

Come along to little moose and find yourself something to make you smile while also making you stand out from the crowd.

Hoobynoo World rainbow kawaii acrylic necklace image

Hoobynoo World

If you like happy places and everything beautiful, bright and colourful then you will love Hoobynoo World.

They have created a range of quirky jewellery and accessories based around a host of fun and fabulous characters, each with their own unique, bouncy personality!

In particular they have a funky collection of acrylic necklaces and felt brooches in themes such as zoo animals, supermarkets and forests. Hoobynoo also have a nice selection for children.

Visit Hoobynoo World today, where the sun is always shining.

Hannah Zakari quirky st martin charm bracelet image

Hannah Zakari

Hannah Zakari is an independent boutique specialising in items which are designed or handmade by indie designers with an emphasis on cute, quirky and unusual designs.

They mainly focus on jewellery, art and stationary products but they also have a nice range of accessories and homewares all in a unique and beautiful style. There really is something for every girl here. Whether your preference is for vintage, quirky, retro, animals, nature etc, they are sure to have something just for you.

Shopping indie/handmade means that your money goes to creative individuals, you are supporting small businesses in the UK and someone is happy when you buy the things they have made. That's got to make you smile! Check out Hannah's boutique today...

Elsie Belle tea party earrings image

Elsie Belle

Elsie Belle is a cute vintage and inspired jewellery store which sells small charm necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, brooches, hair pins and more.

All inspired by beautiful things like woodland creatures and natural flowers, these one off jewellery pieces have an English Rose feel about them.

We also love their funky website which is very pretty and a real pleasure to shop at.

Pop over to Elsie's right now...

RandomEyes Boutique jammy dodger necklace image

RandomEyes Boutique

This is the place to come to find jewellery and accessories that all share a uniquely quirky twist - they are random everyday objects...with kawaii inspired googly eyes!

All your favourite things are covered here including Junk food, drinks, crayons, guns, donuts, cereal boxes and lot's more.... Everyday stuff that shouldn't have eyes, now does!

Randomeyes Boutique takes an alternative view of the world and everything in it. Each and every item they create does more than just reflect your personality and style...they have a unique personality of their own too!

Cast your eyes over the randomeyes boutique today. Who knows, you might just find a new best friend with wiggly, wobbly eyes!

Jelly Button jewellery necklace image

Jelly Button Jewellery

Ever thought that you could wear your favourite food? Jelly Button jewellery can make that dream come true.

Jelly Button jewellery is a shop like no other. Come and join the biggest picnic ever with 'party ring' necklaces and 'flump' bracelets. We British like a fry-up, so how about wearing a full english breakfast on your finger!

This unique shop offers all of your most favourite treats in a fun quirky way...

Love Hearts and Crosses quirky owl necklace image

Love Hearts and Crosses

Loveheartsandcrosses is an online boutique which sells a mixture of vintage, contemporary and hand-made fashion jewellery.

This quirky shop takes influence from current trends, fairytales, childhood memories, nature and something as simple and important as love.

There is something for everyone in Love Hearts and Crosses!

Love From Hetty and Dave foxy leather necklace image

Love From Hetty and Dave

Love from Hetty and Dave sell unique jewellery and accessories in handcrafted leather. All carefully stitched and made in England.

Not only do they stock amazing handmade jewellery such as 'Jammy Dodger' brooches, foxy necklaces and gnome hair-slides but they also sell cute bags and accessories as well as animal draught excluders for those chilly nights at home.

So if you feel a draught, buy a hippo or a slug to keep you cosy!

Sour Cherry raspberry earrings image

Sour Cherry

Sour Cherry is a Sheffield based fashion boutique selling quirky and handmade jewellery in many fun styles.

If you are feeling slightly geeky, then why not buy yourself a 'gameboy' inspired necklace or if you are feeling fruity today, bag yourself a pair of pineapple or raspberry earrings.

For superheroes out there, you will want to spy on their 'James Bond' inspired collection.

Certainly more sweet than sour! Visit Sour Cherry today.

Unexpected Boutique teapot charm bracelet image

Unexpected Boutique

Unexpected boutique certainly holds the unexpected.

Everything from teapot necklaces to button covered bracelets, this quirky boutique is perfect for all you vintage inspired lovers.

How about some dice necklaces or jigsaw earrings?

Expect the Unexpected!

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